UTFI Team visits Indian Pilot at Jiwai Jadid, India

A field trip to UTFI site in Rampur district was organized on 22-23 May, 2016 to verify present status and take necessary steps for successful operation for this year’s recharge season. Dr Alok Sikka, Dr Prasun Gangopadhyay and Mr Navneet Sharma from IWMI, and Dr Vinay K Mishra, Dr CL Verma, Dr SK Jha and Mr Pandey from CSSRI, Lucknow which is a partner in the project were part of the team which visited the site.

A community meeting was arranged with village head and other members to encourage the involvement of community through MGNREGA which is under process. The team also visited promising sites to scale up the project in water scarce region (Swar) to check their physical suitability. In addition, a meeting was arranged with district nodal officer for PMKSY (Prime Minister Krishi Sinchayee Yojana), a flagship irrigation scheme, to discuss inclusion of UTFI in ongoing schemes and district irrigation plan.

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