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Disaster Risk Management Conference  

Paul Pavelic from IWMI presented the Underground Taming of Floods concept at the The 6th Annual Conference of the International Society for Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRiM 2015), entitled “Disaster Risk Reduction: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Growth”. This collaborative three day conference aimed to develop a comprehensive roadmap on a regional framework for earthquake, flood, extreme weather and other natural hazard triggered disaster risk management.  The conference was hosted by TIFAC in partnership with International Society for Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRiM) and supported by several national and international organizations including, the Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI) (Japan) and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) (Austria).

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Open Day inauguration brings together government officials, media, local community and UTFI team  

An Open Day was organized to provide an opportunity to key stakeholders from the government, partners and media to officially inaugurate the site and engage in informal discussion about the project. The day was divided into two half’s, first a brief meeting where the project concept was introduced by the team leader which followed by an enthusiastic discussion between different stakeholders including government officials and media. Post this the team proceeded to the field site for a site inspection and engagement with local community. For the briefing, Mr Amit Kishore (IAS) who is the Chief Development Officer of Rampur (Uttar Pradesh, India) was the chief guest. High ranking officials both from the state and central water related departments were also present.

Press Release

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UTFI - Indian pilot gets into business  

In a big step forward for the project, the first pilot site in India was constructed and recharge begun on 21st September 2015. The village of Jiwai Jadid in the Ram Ganga Sub-basin was chosen for the pilot after an extensive site selection process.  In the pilot, surface water is diverted from a nearby irrigation canal into a pond and recharge occurs via the recharge structures during the wet season when flows are in excess. It took about two and half months to prepare the site with monsoons throwing in regular challenges. The pilot will help the research team in studying technical aspects such as recharge rates and changes in water quality;  socio-economic impacts in a gender inclusive manner.

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UTFI Team visits the pilot site 

A field visit was organized to Jiwai Jadid village in Rampur with all available partners to take stock of the progress of UTFI site preparation and to plan out implementation of work plans. Apart from site inspection and discussion with villagers, a few meetings were arranged with government officials in Rampur and Moradabad. The visit provided a good opportunity for interaction and cross-learning between team members with different expertise especially related to the socio-economic and gender aspects. This learning would be translated into work plans as the project moves forward.

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